Devnaa Indian Inspired Deserts

Devnaa, Roopa Rawal, Indian Inspired Deserts

Back in the summer Bake Yummy was sent a very large box (always exciting).  Within the box was a copy of the most beautiful cookbook I’ve seen all year, a wondrous box of chocolates and two lots of ingredients to try out some recipes.  The cookbook in question?  Devnaa Indian Inspired Deserts by Roopa Rawal.

Devnaa, Roopa Rawal, Indian Inspired DesertsThis is the sort of book that I’d like to have on my coffee table, if I had one, to just look at and stroke occasionally.  It’s beautiful, vibrant and has the ability to make you drool – assuming you have a sweet tooth.  The photographs are inspiring and the additional decorations on the pages are gorgeous.  An evening with this book and a box of the Devnaa chocolates (which aren’t just any chocolates – they are mind blowingly delicious and available from – as is the recipe book) equals one happy Jenny. Continue Reading

Baked Sea Bass with a Herb Crust

Bajked Sea Bass with a herb crust

Sea Bass is a lovely fish – firm white and not overly ‘fishy’ it’s delicious.  It’s not the cheapest fish out there but you know us and the ‘reduced to clear’ section.  Buy the fish at half price – get the fishmonger to fillet it for you and pop it in the freezer until you need it – defrost before you start! Continue Reading

Gin Sling Cupcakes

Gin CupcakeAn Elderflower and Cucumber cupcake with a peach purée and gin buttercream – a Gin Sling Cupcake, perfect for the summer.  

This cupcake is a little more complex than our usual “throw it at the mixer and bake” recipes, it’s not hard, it just requires a little effort and the results are absolutely delectable! Continue Reading